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Navigating the Digital Battlefield
as a church in 2024

Dear Pastors and Ministry Leaders,

I’m Kelby, the owner of Creative Church Marketing, and today, I want to address a critical battleground that, for too long, has been overlooked by many in our spiritual community — the digital realm. It’s time we recognize that the digital world is not just a passing fad or a secondary battlefield but a principal arena where hearts and minds, especially those of the younger generation, are being shaped and contested every minute.

The internet and social media are the new town squares and marketplaces, places where ideas, beliefs, and values are exchanged and formed. Sadly, in this bustling digital agora, the majority voice often carries messages that contradict our Christian values — voices of negativity, despair, and confusion, sowing seeds that are far from the gospel we uphold.

The Ignored Battlefield

Imagine for a moment, you’re advising a member of your congregation on parenting. They face a choice: let their child spend a few unsupervised hours with peers known for their poor behavior or allow the child unrestricted, unsupervised access to social media platforms. The immediate instinct might be to shield them from the bad company. But here’s where we confront a modern dilemma: the digital influence, acting through social media, is akin to an unending, pervasive presence of countless bad influences, accessible 24/7 without respite or supervision.

This story isn’t just hypothetical; it’s a reality faced by families worldwide. The stark truth is that, for many young minds, the digital realm has more of an impact than the few hours spent with misguiding friends. Social media feeds, when left unmonitored, become the loudest voices in their lives, shaping their perceptions, beliefs, and behaviors far more profoundly than we might realize.

The Silent Withdrawal

Despite this glaring battlefield, many churches continue to stand back, hesitating to engage with the digital world effectively. While we pour resources and energy into physical ministries and outreach programs — which remain vital — we often ignore the digital space, where a significant portion of our flock spends a considerable amount of their time. By doing so, we’re not just missing out on an opportunity; we’re surrendering a crucial battleground to the enemy.

The Call to Digital Discipleship

The need of the hour is clear: We must extend our ministry into the digital realm with as much fervor and commitment as we do in the physical one. This isn’t about replacing traditional methods but augmenting them, ensuring we are where our flock is, guiding, teaching, and shining our light.

Creating engaging, truthful, and uplifting digital content isn’t just an option; it’s our duty. We need to be the voice that counters despair with hope, confusion with clarity, and deceit with truth. Just as Jesus went out into the places where the people were, we must venture into the digital spaces where our congregations, especially our youth, are spending their time.

The Strategy for Digital Engagement

Educate: We need to understand the platforms our congregations use and the challenges they face online. Knowledge is the first step towards effective action.

Create: Develop digital content that reflects our values and message. This could be sermons, blogs, videos, or social media posts — anything that carries the truth of God’s word into the digital realm.

Engage: It’s not enough to just post; we need to interact, respond, and be a living presence online. Engagement shows that we care and are there to support and guide.

Equip: Encourage and equip our congregations to be positive digital citizens. They can be the light in their online communities, extending the reach of our message far beyond what we can do alone.

Protect: Advocate for safe digital practices within our communities. Educate parents and guardians about the importance of monitoring and guiding their children’s online activities.

The digital realm is the new frontier for our ministry. It’s where the enemy is already active and influential. But it’s also where we can shine the brightest, bringing the light of the gospel to dark corners. Let’s not cede this vast and influential space to voices that lead our flock astray. Instead, let’s march forward, armed with the love and truth of Christ, to claim the digital realm for His glory.

Your fellow servant in Christ,


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