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Now is the ideal moment to expand your church’s presence with the unparalleled reach of the internet. With our proven strategies and your passion, you can connect with a broader audience and welcome new visitors to your congregation. The digital world is rich with opportunity, and we’re here to show you how to tap into it effectively. Let’s navigate this journey together and watch your community grow. Click below and join over 100 churches for a partnership that will transform your outreach and help you flourish in the digital age!

Breaking News:

Watch this video all the way through first!

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In today’s digital age, there’s truly never been a more opportune moment to harness the power of the internet to expand your church’s reach. With a vast array of tools and platforms at our fingertips, the potential to attract new members and engage with your community is immense. We understand the hurdles that come with adapting to this digital revolution, and we’re here to guide you with strategies that have consistently proven successful. Our approach is tailored to help you invite new visitors to your church and foster meaningful connections in ways that were not possible before. Embrace this chance to grow your congregation online—click the link below to discover how we can achieve this together!


“We’ve been one of Georgia’s fastest-growing churches for the past 2 years!” – Pastor Yannik

“We had to stop the ad they were running for us because to many people were coming!” – Pastor Mo

“They have been absolutely amazing! ” – Pastor Lawson 

“We’ve tried many different church marketing company’s and CCM has been the best to work with!” – Pastor David

“We were asking our volunteers for things they just couldn’t do” – Pastor Blake

“They truly have a heart for God and they truly have a heart for ministry” – Pastor Kaloma

“If you’re looking for someone to help you…check em out!” – Pastor Issac

“They have made a tremendous impact in helping us broaden our visibility…” – Pastor Tony Page

“I probably will never hire a staff member for this position now” – Pastor Riley

“We are so thankful for the ways that Creative Church Marketing AIDS us in continuing to tell our community the story of what
God is doing. ” – Pastor Josh

“Everything they’ve done has been nothing but perfection!” – Pastor Israel

“Creative Church marketing has really allowed us to have the online presence that we’ve always dreamed of” – Pastor Tim

so How do we help?

We Become Your Digital Growth Team!

Picture your ministry, not just surviving, but truly thriving in the digital world.

Visualize having a dedicated team of top-tier digital experts, innovative designers, skilled video editors, and seasoned marketers who all love Jesus and are focused on amplifying your mission. This is the power of partnership with Creative Church Marketing.

We become your digital growth partners, taking charge of your social media profiles, website, YouTube channel, Online Advertising and Google listing. We’re not just managing; we’re optimizing, innovating, and creating to connect your message with the hearts of your audience. Imagine your graphics and videos, professionally designed and tailored to reflect the spirit of your ministry.

As soon as you join our family of partners, we dive straight into understanding what makes your church or ministry unique. We delve into the ‘DNA’ of your church, exploring its history, leadership, voice, and brand. And if you’re just starting to shape your brand, fear not – we’re here to sculpt it with you, side by side.

We absorb every detail, every facet of your ministry, transforming this knowledge into powerful strategies and impactful content. With each step, we’re driven by one purpose – to deliver tangible, transformative results to your church.

Once you sign up and become a partner of Creative Church Marketing we immediately start the onboarding process. We learn all about your church or ministry. The “DNA” of the church, the background, the leadership, the voice and your brand. We learn everything we can about your ministry. Then we take that knowledge and start deploying strategies and content to help drive real results to your church!


Social MEdia campaigns

Imagine running a campaign where every time you invest as little as $6 into it a family plans a visit with your church. They tell you the Sunday they plan on visiting, they give you their name, phone number, email and who they plan on bringing with them. That’s exactly what we did with this church and we would love to do with yours!


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