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A social media & digital marketing agency for the local church.

Your church matters and your message is worth hearing. Let us help you reach more people in your community for Christ. No need to waste hours on a course or have someone tell you what to do. We'll do it all for you!

What do we do?

(Explained in a nutshell)

Social media

We’ll help manage, post and create content for all of your social media channels. 

  • Posting daily.
  • Set up event pages for your church.
  • Grow your following.

Social Media

Don’t just tell the community about your church. Show them. Use social media marketing to reach new people in your city. We’ll create and manage your social media campaigns.


Don’t have a team of video editors and graphic designers? No worries. We’ll edit, create and provide content for you to use on your social media, YouTube and website.


What happens when someone Google’s “Churches near me” does your church pop up first on the list? If not, we can make sure that happens.

development &Management

We’ll create and design a website that fits the DNA of your church. We’ll also manage that website and make sure it is up to date with your sermons and events.


Need advice on an event or on how to bring in new people? You’ll receive monthly consultation calls from us on how to reach your community more effectively.

Who are our services for?

The Local Church

Let’s be honest here, not every church can afford a team of marketing experts, videographers, graphic designers, content creators and social media specialists and for the churches that can’t that’s where we come in.

We become your digital right hand, helping you manage and grow your online presence and influence. Want to bring in new church members? We’ll help you reach your community in an effective and compelling way.  Need helping managing your social media? We’ll take care of it. Need a new website designed? We’ll take care of it. Need great videos and graphics posted everyday on your social media pages. We’ll make it happen! 

When people are searching for a church to join, they will check for “social proof.” Social proof involves the quality and consistency of your branding across your social media accounts. Smiling faces, happy members, church activities, sermon clips and church leaders. This is the “social proof” that will either attract new members or push them away and we’ll help you create it.



Need help managing your personal brand and influence online? We’ll help you.

  • Create Website.
  • Design graphics.
  • Manage your social media.
  • Create videos of you speaking.
  • Generate speaking engagement leads.
Church Marketing Agency in South Carolina


Keep your congregation engaged online while simultaneously reaching new people in your community.

  • Daily posts on all social media.
  • Access to video editor.
  • Branded content creation.
  • Website creation and management.
Church Marketing Agency in South Carolina


Bring more exposure to your ministry and your mission. 

  • Branded content creation.
  • Set up commerce website.
  • Set up email marketing.
  • Social media management.
  • Website management. 

How does our services work?

We become Your Digital Partner in Ministry.

It’s really simple. Imagine having a social media team of experts, marketers and strategists and then having access to that team through one simple platform.

Once you sign up and become a partner of Creative Church Marketing we immediately start the on boarding process. We learn all about your church or ministry. The DNA of the church, the background, the leadership, the voice, your goals. We learn everything we can about your ministry. Then we take that knowledge and start deploying strategies and content to help you reach your goals. 

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Let’s Reach your community Together. 

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Save time. Save money. Save the heartache and stress of trying to figure out how to make social media and the new digital landscape work for you and your ministry. Let’s talk. 




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