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From My Heart

Some of you may not want to work with us after reading this and that’s okay. I’m inviting you into a personal part of my life – a story that was not easy for me to write and share publicly. What you’re about to read is more than just the history of a company; it’s a window into my heart, my struggles, and the transformative power of God’s grace in my life that led to the creation of this company.

Dear Pastors & Ministry Leaders

I’m Kelby, the founder of this marketing agency, and I want to share my story with you – a journey that might resonate with many, yet may also lead some to choose a different path. This isn’t just about business for me; it’s a window into my heart, and a testament to the power of change and redemption.

Growing up without a stable church background, in a family fragmented by challenges, my childhood was far from traditional. My mother, though trying her best, couldn’t always shield me from the harsh realities that eventually led me to foster care, school expulsions, and an attraction to gang life. Tragedy struck hard with the loss of two brothers – one to gang violence, another in an accident. It was a world where hope seemed distant.

My turning point came at 17, on the brink of prison, when I met Pastor Jason during an unexpected visitation. His words of hope and the introduction to the Gospel of Jesus Christ ignited something within me. Clinging to a new believers Bible, I began a transformation that would shape the rest of my life. Despite the challenges – from battling addiction to facing potential incarceration for DUIs – a flicker of hope remained.

The decision to enroll in a Christian rehab program in Liberty, SC, was a pivotal step. It was here, in the simplicity and raw faith environment, that I truly changed. With a newfound purpose, I approached life with a different perspective. I reconnected with Pastor Jason, worked my way up to managing a youth program in his church, and eventually, found love and marriage within that community.

But the journey didn’t stop there. My passion for digital creativity led me to start this marketing agency. It began as a venture after hours, alongside a landscaping job. The day I secured my first client, I knew God was opening new doors for me. Today, I lead a team of 24 dedicated professionals, serving churches and non-profits nationwide. I’ve been clean and sober for nearly a decade, dedicating my life to building God’s kingdom through digital evangelism.

In this journey, I’ve discovered a deeper calling – to support pastors. Perhaps it’s more than marketing; perhaps it’s my way of giving back to the figures who were beacons of hope in my life. I see this agency as a ministry, an extension of my gratitude and faith. We’ve offered our services for free or at discounts, not just as a business, but as a mission to support the incredible work God is doing through pastors like you.

In a world where pastors are often under siege, my agency stands as a support system. While only God can grow His church, I promise to utilize every skill I’ve acquired to aid you in your divine mission.

Thank you for taking the time to read my story. Know that my heart and my agency are here for you, not just in business, but in fellowship and ministry.

In His Service,

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