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5 Point church of Easley sc

Online Goals
  1. Better quality content and a stronger online presence. 
  2. Reach more people.
  3. Grow our pages.
  4. Create more engagement with their audience.
  5. Run effective campaigns that bring people to the church.





Quality & QUANTITY

As you can see above there is a big difference in the quality that has made its way to our church partner’s social media platforms before and after partnering with us. This is the most important factor of developing an effective social media strategy. The 2nd biggest factor is the amount of times we publish this new content. 

increased Content engagement

building Social Proof and Trust

Let’s talk about engagement, social proof and algorithms for a second. The biggest problem we see with churches using Social Media is they don’t understand algorithms and social proof.

You can’t just spam Facebook and all these other social media platforms with un-meaningful content. Facebook will throttle your page and prevent your posts from reaching people even if you have a large following. This is why contextual and engaging content is so important to building a strong online presence.

We make sure all of our clients content is meaningful and contextual to the platforms we are using.


Increasing engagement for all their ministries

New follower increases - facebook

1100 new followers the first 3 months with us

Social MEdia campaigns

This is what makes social media so great. Never in history have we been given such an opportunity to reach people for Jesus. Check out this campaign we ran for 5 Point Church in Easley.

week 1 (funny video)

using a funny video of the pastor and his wife to capture the audience’s attention and talk about biblical marriages.

week 2 (testimony)

We retargeted the people who watched week ones video with a testimony from a couple at their church.

week 3 (invitation)

We retargeted the people who watched the 2nd week’s video. 

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Save time. Save money. Save the heartache and stress of trying to figure out how to make social media and the new digital landscape work for you and your ministry. Let’s talk. 





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