What does an effective church campaign look like?

The most effective & convenient way to reach new people in the year 2021 who haven’t heard of your church.

The 3 types of campaigns we run.

Social Media Campaigns

Every month, there are over two billion active users on Facebook, one billion on Instagram, and 365 million on Twitter worldwide. Target your specific community with a contextual ad and invite them to your event or your Sunday service.

Google PPC Campaigns

What happens when someone near your church searches for “churches near me”? Do you pop up FIRST on the list? If not then our Google PPC campaigns can help you. We’ll make sure you reach the right people in your area who are searching for churches to join.

YouTube Pre-roll Campaigns

Perfect for gaining new exposure. Preroll ads are played before viewers can watch the desired content. Because they are interested in the video that follows the preroll ad, they have no choice but to watch the ad. This is perfect for inviting your community to a special event, Easter, or a Sunday service.

What Are Social Media ads?

Reach your community with precision and meaningful content.

Social media advertising is able to reach the audience that you desire with great precision. Whether it is the behavior, demographics, interests, age groups, languages or the location you are looking for, Facebook’s targeting capabilities can go pretty deep with all your preferences layered upon one another to ensure that you are reaching the exact audience you desire. 

The best part is these ads tend to only cost a fraction of what other marketing campaigns would cost. The minimum spend for an ad on Facebook is somewhere around $1 a day. Even with a smaller budget, you can still reach a number of people by keeping your targeted audience as specific as possible.

Attract and build trust

Expert Social media services for the local church.


With social media advertising, you will be able to generate greater traffic to your church’s website. Plus it builds engagement with your community. With greater engagement and social proof, your audience starts to trust you more and more which can then turn into them walking through the doors of your church and becoming a member.

What Are youtube ads?

YouTube has 1.3 billion users - almost one-third of all people on the Internet.

You might be surprised to learn that the average user spends 40 minutes per session on YouTube. Within this 40 minute timespan, the user will be exposed to multiple YouTube Advertisements, which is where your church or ministry should be. More and more people are turning to the Internet for their news and television programming. Instead of running a commercial on more traditional (radio, television, or print) channels of advertising, running an ad on YouTube allows you to connect with potential customers through a more targeted approach.


What is Google ppc?

rank at the top of the search results for "churches near me" with our ppc services.

PPC advertising is essentially just what it sounds like: advertisers agree to pay a certain amount for every click on their ad based on bids created for their chosen keyword searches. It’s a dynamic system where advertisers compete with one another for the premium position in these paid results. So carefully developed strategies in placing those text ads for your chosen keywords or keyword phrases are essential. That’s where we come in.

Attract and build trust

Expert PPC management services for the local church.

Small business marketing for companies in South Carolina

Let’s just cut straight to it. If your PPC campaigns aren’t set up correctly, you’ll quickly find out how easy it is to spend money on ads without seeing any real results. Especially in the year 2020. There is so much opportunity out there. Take advantage of the current social climate. Google and the rest of the major search engines are our go to platforms for answers. Especially when it comes to service businesses.

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